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Everything you need to know about Jippii.club

First of all, Jippii.club started in April, 2019. We started empty, we were looking for good content, a brilliant idea and here we go, Jippii.club was born.

Why the name Jippii.club and not .com?

It's simple, Jippii were a gaming platform back in 2010 and earlier, they had to give up their services because of some wrong going ons. That's also one reason why we can't use the domain ending .de, .com or some other endings, because they were reserved back in the history of Jippii. But we are not a gaming platform, neither are we a SMS or music service provider. We are a dating platform, we offer young and old to come here and chill out. Girls and boys, men and women, all ages ''over 18+'' are allowed to use Jippii.club and we are happy to announce you, that we have come to the right place at the right time, because the 21st century is a good century.

What can I use Jippii for?

You can use Jippii for many things. Doesn't matter if you are a findom (goddess), sugarbaby, sugardaddy, paypig, slave or just a regular human looking for a quick chat, date or flirt, you can do all that on Jippii.club. We know that it's very hard to be a student, that's why you can get money by seeking for a sugardaddy or you start being a goddess, then you can get money easily by seeking paypigs. With our verification system it's easy to find real people at a glance. With our easy to use Browse members section, you can find members seperated by verified users only, with photo or check the box online to view people who are currently online.

How will you get noticed easily?

Complete your profile, fill out every section of your profile to make sure you are being authentic and we are sure that you will get more attention by others. Also make sure to verify yourself, it's free, we don't charge anything to verify your account. You only need to take and submit a photo of you by doing a simple gesture.

Verify yourself now! Just click on the boy or girl emoji.